Google Logo


全体的に子供向けのやさしいロゴが多いですが、一覧集があるので見ると面白いと思います。Google Doodles

I found that Google logo had been changing to "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" which is a children's book written by Eric Carle. Google logs are changed at aniversary of something. I feel a happiness to see the switch by chance, How about you? Recentry, I am also interested in a children's book, so I really excited to see it this time. Really awesome!

I think most these logos are toward children and not provocative, but it is intresting to find the different logs between each countries. See list of whole logs here. Google Doodles

えほんもの ドクター・スース(Dr sues)

レゴの記念日 (Aniversary of lego)

意味不明 (I don't know)


Relating yesterday’s post, I think it is important to have a playful spirit in our jobs, as especially this economic situation sucks all over the world.